Nintendo's latest smartphone game Dr. Mario World will receive an update this week which is set to introduce new stages and characters.

The game will be undergoing maintenance on 6th August from 10pm PT until 1am PT the following morning, with all of the new content planned to be available immediately afterwards. The update will provide players with a new world, 20 new stages, and three new doctors.

The first of these new doctors to be revealed is Dr. Daisy. We've got an image of the new world for you down below.


If you haven't checked the game out for yourself yet, we'd urge you to do just that. Here's a snippet of our full review:

Dr. Mario World is very much a game of two halves. The single-player mode is fun in short bursts and short bursts only: lengthier sessions are impossible without regularly dropping real cash on it. Meanwhile, the multiplayer is an unrestricted delight, and the steady stream of available players means it could become your next obsession.

Have you been enjoying the game? Excited for more content to arrive? Let us know if you'll be checking out the update with a comment below.

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