Let's Sing 2019

If you and your loved ones think you've got the X Factor, and if you're confident enough to actually show off your skills, you might want to boot up a copy of Let's Sing 2020 when it arrives on Switch later this year.

The latest in the series (Let's Sing 2019 released last year across Switch, Wii U and Wii) the 2020 edition will be releasing on 25th October alongside Nintendo Switch microphone bundles. Wii and Wii U appear to have been left out this year, with Switch and PS4 taking over.

The game will let you take to the stage as a solo superstar, or you can join up with friends if you prefer. You'll find modern songs like Ava Max's Sweet but Psycho, Lewis Capaldi's Someone You Loved, Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa's One Kiss and Rita Ora's Let You Love Me waiting for you, alongside classics like Robbie Williams with Angels or Spice Girls' Wannabe. It promises 30 international tracks in total.

In a nice touch, you don't actually have to have a mic at hand to play. If you'd rather save some cash, you can grab the standalone game and just use your smartphone to play; you'll need to download an app to sync things up (which we imagine will work just like recent Just Dance games) and you're good to go.

No screenshots or trailers have been released just yet, so we'll leave you with this feature list:

- Strong playlist with 30 international hits and original music videos
- Sing solo or up to four players
- Choose between within maximum of 4 Smartphones, 2 USB-Mics and 1 headset
- Five exciting game modes: 'Classic', 'Mixtape 2.0','feat.’, ‘Jukebox’, ‘World Contest’…
- No mic at hand? It doesn't matter - with the Let's Sing Microphone-App, you can turn your smartphone into a microphone in no time at all
- Climb the online leaderboard and get more song packs in the online store like ‘Best of 90’s’, ‘Party Classics’ and more

Game Modes:
· Classic: Perform solo or together with your friends. Hit the right notes can score the most points – can you crack the high score?
· Feat.: Find your perfect match! The better you sing together, the higher your "compatibility score" is. Singing with friends and family or also team up with your idol in the single-player mode.
· World Contest: Take on the world! Try to reach the top of the leaderboard or just have fun with your friends - choose a player you want to challenge and try to beat other singers online. The game shows the performance of the other players as if you were singing together.
· Mix Tape 2.0: Mix different song extracts together with this innovative game mode. Each mix is dynamically generated and thus guarantees a playlist that never repeats itself and a lot of fun. Create your own mixtapes with your favourite songs with the mixtape creator.
· Jukebox: Relax after your singing session with a list of songs for the next groovy party.

The game launches on Nintendo Switch on 25th October for £34.99. Mic bundles will launch slightly later on 15th November (one-mic bundles will cost £44.99, with two-mic bundles costing £54.99).

Will you be hitting the stage with your friends this October? Give us a tune in the comments below.