Earlier this year, we reported on a promising looking title called Summer in Mara, a Zelda: Wind Waker-inspired game which smashed its Kickstarter goal to secure a release on Switch. Sadly, the game has had its release date pushed back into next year.

Originally, it was expected to arrive this September, but an update sent out to Kickstarter backers has revealed that we can now expect to see it in February 2020:

Since the Kickstarter ended, we have been in contact with some publishers interested in Summer in Mara. We're very grateful to them. They help us a lot, solved our doubts, and teach us some cool things about game dev and publishing. However, we want to make this journey on our own.

We want to learn not only how to make games, but how to publish them and sell them. So we're going to manage all the things involved in the Summer in Mara release. Thanks to it, we will be closer to you and all of our fans and players. This is the first time that we do something like this, so please be patient with us.

Because of this decision, we will have to delay the game...

The new release date for the game is early February.

There is some good news to come from the announcement too, however. We've been treated to some fresh screenshots of the game in action (which we've included below) and it's apparently already working on Switch. If you happened to back the game yourself, you can still expect to receive any physical extra goodies later this year.


Did you pledge your support to the game? Saddened to hear about the delay? Let us hear your thoughts below.

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