Luigi's Mansion 3 is looking absolutely fantastic and, thinking about it, we'd probably put it right at the very top of our most anticipated games list for the next few months. Take that, Link's Awakening remake.

One of the reasons why we're really looking forward to getting stuck in is the new single-player mode, which sees Luigi explore a hotel rather than the titular mansion to suck up ghosts and rescue his friends. Until now, Nintendo has been pretty tight-lipped on how 'big' this hotel really is, but we finally have an exact answer.

The news comes from an interview conducted by Gamespot; supervisor Yoshihito Ikebata and producer Kensuke Tanabe were asked about the possibility of adding more content to the game later on and the magic number was revealed. Here's what they had to say:

Ikebata: Right now there are 17 floors [in single-player].

Tanabe: Because like you said, it's a hotel structure with multiple floors, I think it would have been possible to add even more floors. But, I think the hardest part of that is not necessarily the act of adding floors, but it's like ... the story is done, so by adding [more floors], how are we going to expand that aspect? Because I want to experience completing the whole hotel and just feel satisfied that it's done. Adding on new stuff is not really something that gives us that.

Now, without fully exploring each floor and knowing how it all plays out, it's still pretty much impossible to know whether or not that's a lot of content. From what we've seen through our time with the game at E3 and all of the Nintendo Treehouse footage, though, we're hopeful that 17 floors could be pretty generous. Also, not adding more just for the sake of it seems like a very sensible decision to us.

Are you excited for this one? Will you be buying it when we find out its release date? Let's get spooky in the comments.

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