Remember when every video games came with a manual? Remember when they sometimes came with extra goodies, like those trading cards you found in your GBA copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 that you didn't know what to do with? Those were the good old' days, weren't they? While most companies nowadays tend to pass on putting extra effort into their physical Switch releases, there are a few who are still continuing the somewhat neglected tradition. One of these companies goes by the name of Super Rare Games.

Super Rare Games has been putting out games physically and exclusively on Switch for well over a year, all with full-colour cover art, glorious manuals or art books, and collector trading cards too! They usually release about one game a month in extremely limited quantities and when they're gone, they're gone. If you've seen any of my videos up on the site, you'll know I'm a huge mark for physical games. So feel free to take a look at the video above to watch me geek out while I unbox some of their recent physical offerings!

If you'd like to check out any of Super Rare Games' past or current physical offerings, you can do so by clicking here!

Super Rare Games
Image: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Life

How do you feel about digital vs. physical games? Are there any games you'd like to see Super Rare Games release physically on Switch? Leave your thoughts down below!