If you're on the lookout for some new Super Mario Maker 2 levels to enjoy, hopefully these creations from Team17 and Playtonic Games will do the trick nicely.

There are two courses on offer from Team17 - the studio behind Switch games like My Time at Portia, Overcooked, The Escapists and more, as well as one level from Playtonic, who partnered with Team17 to release Yooka-Laylee. You can grab the codes for each level below.


Rather than having seasoned game developers create these levels, other members of each team were given a go at showing off their creative flair. The first level was made by Team17 composer Danny Hey, the second comes from Team17 games label talent hunter Benjamin Ellis, and the final was designed by Playtonic’s engagement director, Daley Kong.

If you have a copy of the game, make sure to give these levels a go and share your thoughts in the comments. Feel free to also check out our community page where you can share your own levels, and play those from other Nintendo Life readers.