If you want zombies, cars, speed, explosions, guns, and a whole lot of blood on your innocent Nintendo Switch screen, Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition could well be for you.

The game has you hopping into a car and smashing into as many zombies as your skills can allow. You'll be dismembering limbs one minute and blasting zombies in the face the next as you work your way through 31 story missions. You can also upgrade your car with anything you might need to survive, and there are other modes to get your teeth stuck into, too. Here's the full rundown:


1. Story:
- Epic boss fights with enormous mutated zombies.
- Defending key targets against huge waves of zombies.
- Racing against time to rescue survivors.
- Transporting dangerous cargo.
- Spraying anti-zombie repellent around town.
- 13 different vehicles to drive, including a fire truck, a bulldozer, and even a tank.

2. Blood Race:
- Race – classic racing spiced up with guns and loads of zombies.
- Eliminator – take down as many vehicles as you can before the time runs out.
- Endurance – there’s a bomb on your car and it’s ticking. Race through checkpoints to extend your time.

3. Slaughter:
- Fight through endless waves of zombies.
- Upgrade your car on the fly.
- Kill thousands of zombies.


The game launches on 25th July and you can currently pre-order it with a 10% discount - you should find it available on the eShop for £12.14 / $13.49 for a limited time. The developers say that this Switch edition of the game is "graphically improved, even compared to previous console releases and the PC version".

Does this look like your kind of fun? Let us know if you'll be giving this a try with a comment below.