Reflect on the Nintendo 64 era and one game that will probably come to mind is Rare’s GoldenEye 007. It was considered to be a revolutionary take on the first-person genre in more ways than one.

In fact, even the developer and publisher Valve Corporation took inspiration from Bond’s 64-bit outing at the time. As explained by AI and Games: prior to the release of Half-Life, the team at Valve supposedly tried out Rare’s title and were so impressed by the sophisticated level of AI, they decided to rework the AI in their own game.

David Doak – one of the many talented people who worked on this Rare project – even commented about this during an interview with GamesRadar:

“My favourite moment was meeting the original Valve guys at ECTS, a UK trade show, in 1998 and them joking that GoldenEye had forced them to redo a bunch of stuff on Half-Life. They went on to do all right.”

To find out more about the secrets of GoldenEye’s AI, view the video below: