Cat Luigi

We've seen some weird Super Mario Maker 2 glitches since the Switch title was released, but this particular one is out of this world.

All you'll need to do is create a custom Super Mario 3D World level, transform Luigi into a cat, crawl underneath a few blocks and then attempt to long jump. Once you've done this, Luigi will skyrocket off-screen. Here's a demonstration below, courtesy of Twitter user Killashtan - the player who discovered this glitch:

Even if you fill the entire screen with blocks, Luigi will still be sent sky-high. Interestingly, though, the edit screen doesn't record him being sent upwards. It's also worth noting that this glitch only works with the cat version of Luigi.

Below is a full GameXplain demonstration:

What do you think of this glitch? Have you encountered any other glitches in Super Mario Maker 2? Leave a comment below.