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Love is in the air, alongside banana skins, Bullet Bills, green shells, and us as we get annihilated by the ninety-seventh Blue Shell this week.

Yes, a survey conducted by Century Link has attempted to explore gaming's impact on romantic relationships. Apparently, of all games mentioned by respondents, Mario Kart has had the most positive impact. Aww.

The survey asked a number of questions to more than 1,000 people; Century Link says that over half of 18-24-year-olds who play games themselves said that it's had a positive impact on their romantic relationships.

If you're interested, the top three games found to have the most positive impact on peoples' love lives were Mario Kart, Call of Duty, and Skyrim. So brutally causing car crashes with pieces of litter, murdering strangers online, and slaying giant dragons intent on burning you to the ground appear to be right up there with romantic evenings under the stars and fancy restaurant dates. We know what we'll be suggesting this weekend.

Image: Century Link

Do you play games with your better half? Has gaming had a positive effect on your relationships, romantic or otherwise? Feel free to let us know down below.

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