Twilight Cropped (1)

The Legend of Zelda is a special series for many of us, mostly thanks to the grand sense of adventure it provides and the memories made playing through its wonderful games. For this gaming grandma, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will no doubt stay in the mind forever - partly thanks to just how much time she's spent playing the thing.

Reddit user u/millerischris has shared images and background info which tell the story of his grandmother's time with Link and co. After a whopping 755 hours, she's managed to beat the final boss and complete the game; Chris says he's "incredibly proud of her" and that she "absolutely loves Zelda".

The Reddit post has gone on to receive upwards of 65,000 upvotes at the time of writing, with messages of admiration, support, and goodwill (and even a marriage proposal) pouring in from other gaming fans. You can check it all out for yourself right here if you like - some of it's rather heartwarming to see, and the star of the show even created her own 'GramieGreat' Reddit account to reply to some of them.

Proof of the logged playtime. Incredible!
Image: u/millerischris (Reddit)

Chris has also shared a number of text messages sent between himself and his grandmother during her playthrough. A couple of her messages made us chuckle, such as "I wonder if Nintendo gives prizes for the longest time to complete Twilight Princess", and "THE DRAGON IS DEAD!!!!", but they also show how passionate the pair are for the game and how their relationship has benefitted from the experience. Lovely stuff.

We're big fans of Zelda ourselves, but we doubt we'd be able to put in that many hours. If you're reading this, GramieGreat, we salute your dedication!