Launching later this week on Nintendo Switch is Paradox Soul, a Metroidvania game that originally released on Steam last year.

Described as an "exploration based, survival Metroidvania", the game aims to do away with the idea of 'hand-holding' in video games and leaves you to figure out every last step of the way for yourself. You'll be taking on the role of Dr. Alli Rose as she explores a peculiar test facility, descending deeper and deeper to uncover its secrets.

- Retro pixel art and animation
- Terrifyingly epic boss fights
- Unique suit abilities for combat and navigation
- Cool weaponry upgrades to discover
- Hand-crafted labyrinth of evil
- Secrets to unravel

Paradox Soul launches on Switch on 5th July; you'll be able to download it directly from the eShop for 4.99€ / $4.99.

Worth a go? Are you looking for a new slice of Metroidvania action on your Switch? Let us know in the comments.