Retro indie publisher Mega Cat Studios and Bits Rule Games are hoping to launch a new, but very old-school platformer called Phantom Gear on the Sega Mega Drive. New games for old consoles sure are popular at the minute.

The game is made up of a mix of elements from your favourite classic action platformers - you'll find multiple weapons, permanent upgrades, boss fights, animated cutscenes, skill progression and more all present here. You'll need to lock 'n load to power your way through levels and use your abilities to search for collectables along the way.

To make this possible, a Kickstarter campaign will be going live in just a few days' time on 16th July. The Kickstarter aims to cover the cost of the game's development for the Mega Drive, manufacturing the cartridges, and creating the box. You can keep an eye out for that going live by checking out the game's official website.

Zack Manko, "Lead Cat" at Mega Cat Studios, has shared the following in a press release:

"We’re blast processing our way to something special here, and I couldn’t be more excited for people to play Phantom Gear. Playing it is like the first time you put your hands on classics such as Ristar or Dynamite Heady.”

Do you have an old Sega Mega Drive knocking about? Do you still pick up retro games to this day? Let us know your thoughts on this one in the comments.