Nintendo Switch

Nintendo appears to be updating some components in its original Switch model, but it's not the sort of upgrade you would probably expect.

According to The Verge, recent filings with the United States Federal Communications Commission suggest the currently available Switch will soon be receiving a new processor and flash storage chips. It goes onto explain how Nintendo has submitted a "Class II Permission Change" to the FCC, allowing it to adjust an existing product without having to get the system recertified for sale within the US.

The document itself makes mention of "SoC" – referring to the Switch's system-on-chip (the Nvidia Tegra processor, containing the CPU and graphics) and the "NAND memory" – aka. the flash storage in the SSD. Nintendo is also unlikely to announce these internal changes publicly, in order to lower the chances of consumers deliberately seeking out newer and better-performing systems.

As The Verge explains, swapping out components in video game consoles is nothing new. Microsoft made some serious changes to its Xbox 360 line to ensure future owners didn't ever have to witness the red ring of death.

This filing is not believed to be tied to the rumoured Switch Pro model and is reinforced by Doug Bowser's recent comment, explaining how a proper upgraded Switch system was not happening right now. In saying this, it could have a connection to the recent chipset rumour, previously linked to the upgraded model.

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