The Hero

At E3 2019, Nintendo revealed the 'Hero' from the Dragon Quest series would come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC this summer. So, when will this fighter actually be released?

It seems the character's arrival could be near – with Gamexplain revealing Nintendo has updated Ultimate's spirit database with multiple Dragon Quest spirits. Much like Joker, the Hero is also expected to have an event celebrating its history.

To see some of the Dragon Quest spirits, take a look at the video below:

This latest development follows on from a possible hint provided by a 7-Eleven advertisement in Japan.

What's so interesting about this particular ad is that it's only supposed to be up until 4th August (aka. next weekend). This date happens to coincide with EVO 2019, where Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will conclude the show.

Are you looking forward to playing as The Hero from Dragon Quest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Leave a comment below.