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Nintendo Switch

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (Nintendo, Fri 19th July, $59.99) In MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order, you’ll assemble your ultimate team of Marvel Super Heroes from a huge cast, including the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men, among many others. While iconic characters like Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain America are back, newly announced heroes like Black Panther, Deadpool, Spider-Gwen and Doctor Strange also join the action, each with individual abilities or special moves.

Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online

Wrecking Crew – In the days before Mario and Luigi became sports stars in their downtime from saving the princess, they tried their hands as one-man wrecking crews. With a hammer as their only tool, take control of the brothers and set out to destroy ladders, rip out pipes, knock out walls and detonate explosive devices. But make sure to plan your path of destruction carefully, as each building is designed as its own clever puzzle.

Donkey Kong 3 – Based on the third game in the enormously popular arcade series, Donkey Kong 3 introduces an exterminator named Stanley as he desperately tries to protect the flowers in his greenhouse from Donkey Kong. Armed only with a can of bug spray, Stanley must force Donkey Kong higher and higher into the greenhouse rafters until Donkey Kong is off the screen and the next stage is reached.

Switch eShop

Adrenaline Rush - Miami Drive (Cool Small Games, Fri 12th July, $3.99) Find yourself smack in the middle of a police chase! Get a taste of adrenaline and thrills! It’s all waiting for you in ‘Adrenaline Rush - Miami Drive’. Driving in the wrong direction, crackups and spectacular crashes, dizzying speed ‒ all this against the incredible backdrop of the night city and highways!

Alien Escape (KORION, Fri 12th July, $4.99) System failure! Fuel is empty! Timmy and his alien troop crash-land their UFO on an unknown planet. They seek help at a nearby castle. . . But unfortunately for them, they are soon captured and forced to do hard labor. They refuse to accept this fate and decide to escape from the fortress.

Arcade Archives Shusse Ozumo (HAMSTER, Thu 11th July, $7.99) 'Shusse Ozumo' is a sports game that was developed by Technos Japan in 1984. Players play as Sumo wrestlers, and aim to become a Yokozuna. 'Shusse Ozumo' is the oldest sumo arcade game and was the forerunner of later Sumo Tournament games.

Archlion Saga (KEMCO, Today, $4.99) Too many games in the dusty shelf waiting to be played? No problem, this pocket-sized RPG provides you an adequate experience! Here you go an adventure packed with emotion and accomplishment! A hero will appear in a time where the foretold end of the world is approaching.

Astro Bears (SONKA, Fri 19th July, $6.99) Get ready for the biggest cosmic comeback on Nintendo Switch! Astro Bears is back and shinier than ever, with loads of improvements, new Bears, planets and play modes to pump up the party... again! Introducing a new update for the game that hundreds of thousands of players fell in love with!

Automachef (Team17, Tue 23rd July, $14.99) It’s time to engineer tomorrow’s kitchen, today. Plan. Position. Program: Design and build automated restaurants, then program them to run like well-oiled machines! Do you have a can-do attitude and the know-how to conquer the world of automated restaurants?

Battle & Crash (Today, $4.99) BATTLE & CRASH is a Car Battle Action Game in which you take out car after car in a battle royal to achieve victory. Compete for unique Rifles, Missiles, Lasers, and clash and take out your enemies in an ultimate battle royal!

Battleship (Marmalade Game Studio, Wed 24th July, $19.99) Call out your coordinates, fire your missiles and... HIT! You sank my BATTLESHIP! Play a classic game of BATTLESHIP based on the popular Hasbro board game or bombard the enemy with airstrikes, mines and surgical strikes in the brand new Commanders mode.

Bubble Cats Rescue (Cool Small Games, Fri 5th July, $3.99) Experience an adventure and join Alice the Cat as she races around the world to free all of her baby kitties! They need your help! Rescue them from the evil bubbles. You’ll need to be skillful and accurate.

Etherborn (Altered Matter, Today, $16.99) Etherborn is an elegant leap in the gravity-puzzle genre; an environmental puzzle platformer built on exploring and understanding gravity-shifting structures. You are a voiceless being that has just been born into a world where a bodiless voice awaits your arrival.

High Noon Revolver (Keybol Games, Tue 23rd July, $2.99) High Noon Revolver is a 2D Action Shooter; blast your way across 3 layers of platforming, collecting gold and obtaining upgrades helping you go from puny to powerhouse. Play as a cast of colorful characters, each with unique weapons and abilities (like Chickens with Shotguns and Robots with Swords! ).

Jim Is Moving Out! (Cinemax, Fri 19th July, $14.99) Jim is Moving Out! is a physics-based game, where players have to pay attention to the environment, carefully plan their next move and be ready for everything! From the concrete jungle, through the land of sun and dunes, up to northern wilderness - JIMO will send you on the adventure you won’t forget, especially in co-op mode.

JumpHead: Battle4Fun! (Light Maze, Fri 19th July, $8.99) Compete to see who is the greatest Jump Champion by landing on as many heads as possible, each one earning you points. Take advantages of combo to crush your friends before one of them uses a ridiculous, but deadly bonus from an arsenal of twenty six items to get an edge over you!

Lust for Darkness (SimFabric, Fri 12th July, $14.59) A psychological horror of seeking satisfaction on the border of two intertwining worlds. An intriguing plot with erotic and occult themes guides the player's character through the Yelvertons' Victorian mansion and a perverse land inspired with Lovecraft's works and paintings of Zdzisław Beksiński.

Mini Trains (QubicGames, Fri 19th July, $5.99) Mini Trains transport you in a cozy playroom with the best railways tabletop ever, packed with 40 different layouts. You will be challenged to build tracks in situations that constantly get more puzzling. Use your logic, imagination and engineering skills to safely lead the trains to their final destination.

Mochi Mochi Boy (Ratalaika Games, Fri 19th July, $4.99) Mochi Mochi Boy has to rescue his friends from the Devil! In order to do this, you must be clever enough to outwit the devil by stretching, twisting, and warping over each tile past 130+ floors of his tower. Be careful though, once you move over a tile, you can’t go where you’ve already been!

Pawarumi (Manufacture 43, Wed 24th July, $14.99) In a world where the Council rules the nations with an iron fist, you play as Axo, pilot of the legendary ship Chukaru. Experience her fight with the limitless armies of the Council, become the master of Chukaru’s power and find the true meaning behind all your actions.

Quest Hunter (2 Zombie Games, Fri 12th July, $16.99) Quest Hunter is an isometric action-RPG where your choice drives the story. Find tons of treasures and secrets, solve puzzles, equip your character, level up your skills and finish off enemy bosses. Play on the couch, alone or with friends, or make it an online party for up to four players!

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition (Koch Media, Fri 19th July, $29.99) Intensive top-down action: Subdue your opponents with a wide range of firearms and melee weapons such as knives, truncheons, fire axes, hammers, and much more. Brutal close combat: Use your abilities as a mercenary to tame your opponents. You have at your disposal brutal fighting techniques, combos, charged attacks, and jumping techniques.

Rise: Race The Future (VD-Dev, Mon 22nd July, $16.49) RISE: Race The Future is a racing game set in a near future where a new kind of wheel technology will let you drift on all type of terrains and especially on water.

Royal Roads (8Floor Games, Today, $9.99) The princess embarks on an exciting adventure to hunt down the evil witch and turn back into her true self! Get ready for vibrant locations, exciting levels, fun characters, simple gameplay for any age, great music and a storyline you'll never forget! Adventure awaits on the Royal Roads!

Run The Fan (Silesia Games, Tue 23rd July, $3.99) The game consists of over 50 boards, and your goal is the same on each of them: to switch on the fan. But to achieve that, you must do much more than just push the button! There is a current generator on each of the boards, linked to the fan through a path.

Switchy Road (Dispatch Games, Thu 11th July, $4.99) Product features • Switch your way through endless road obstacles! • Cross left and right as long as you can for a high score! • Unlimited, random levels! • Constantly switching road colors and new background colors to choose from!

Tarot Readings Premium (Crazysoft, Today, $8.99) Use our tarot reading cards adviser to learn about your future and fate! The tarot reading is a pack of playing cards used in parallel for divination in the form of tarotology and cartomancy.

The Drama Queen Murder (Ocean Media, Today, $9.99) There's been a murder in the world famous Eastville Opera House, which is the hub of high society in Eastville. Everyone who's anyone is a regular visitor. But tonight it's the final curtain for someone. . . because Dolores Molinero, the Queen of Drama, has been cruelly murdered.

World Cruise Story (Kairosoft, Today, $12.00) Get ready to take the helm of history's grandest, most over-the-top luxury cruise liner for an unforgettably addictive excursion at sea! Deck your own ship with everything from lavish suites and first-class restaurants to casinos and hot tubs!

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