Nintendo of America has tweeted announcing that a selection of new mixed-hue Joy-Con pairs are releasing on 4th October. One set will come in a fetching Blue and Neon Yellow combo (for the left and right Joy-Con respectively), but the one we're really excited for is the Neon Purple and Neon Orange pair.

As you can see above, they're quite lovely. That said, these new controllers will presumably carry the same components as the originals and we've had no end of trouble with our Joy-Con analogue sticks. Who knows - perhaps this was all part of the plan to have us throwing down $79.99 ever year or so.

If you want to avoid paying through the nose, check out our guide for fixing Joy-Con drift. In the meantime, we're going to spend a few minutes gazing longingly at those purple and orange variants while reminiscing about Spice Orange GameCubes...

Will you be picking up these sexy new colours? Let us know what you think with a comment below.