Nike Air Max
Image: House of Heat

According to House of Heat, Nike is releasing Air Max 97 inspired by Nintendo's beloved 64-bit system. Both the shoes and the system were released months apart back in 1996/97, so it's fitting to see these generational icons honoring the era together.

The grey on the shoe symbolises the system's controller and the splash of green, blue, red and yellow is inspired by the Nintendo 64's logo. On the tongue, there are three black dots representing the controller inputs, along with a "POWER" and "RESET" button. On the sole of the shoe there's an ESRB-style rating and on the heel is a Nintendo-shaped Air Max logo.

The Nintendo 64 Air Max 97 will set you back $170 and are expected to arrive in select stores and on over the coming months. House of Heat also speculates a potential release could align with the console's 23rd birthday, on 26th September.

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