Infliction, a psychological horror game from Caustic Reality and Blowfish Studios, will be scaring your Switch silly from Q4 this year, it has been confirmed.

The game has you wandering through what the game's publisher describes as an "interactive nightmare", all set within the confines of a once-happy household. Players will need to piece together the mystery behind a harrowing series of events while struggling to survive encounters with an entity that relentlessly tries to stop you in your tracks.

We've got an official description for you below:

Explore a home crystalized by tragedy and uncover the heartbreaking secrets hidden within messages, artwork, household objects, and other vestiges of domestic life. Uncover clues and use items to unlock new paths and make discoveries while doing everything possible to avoid the malevolent presence inhabiting the residence. Hide under tables or beneath beds and harness light sources like camera flashes to stun the spirit and momentarily elude its pursuit.

It's said to feature a story-driven approach which combines with a "dynamic atmosphere", all with the aim of providing an unsettling and unpredictable first-person experience. Clinton McCleary, founder of Caustic Reality, has said, "Infliction explores fears that manifested after my wife and I started a family. I set out to create a horror experience grounded in real-world problems that resonates with players and am looking forward to scaring everyone when we unleash it on consoles later this year."

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