Over the past few days Nintendo has been releasing mini character profiles and locale information over social media to introduce new players to the people they'll meet when they wash up on Koholint Island on 20th September when The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening arrives on Switch.

We've collected together the images and descriptions that have appeared on Facebook and the official Zelda Twitter account for your enjoyment. Be warned - after seeing these character renders you will be powerless to resist should Nintendo decide to release an entire Link's Awakening series of amiibo...


Link's Awakening takes place on Koholint, a tropical island with rich nature. This is a mysterious island where those who have arrived will never be able to leave. People say that the island's deity Wind Fish is sleeping in that big egg on top of the mountain.


If you ever need help on the island, be sure to call Ulrira from the Phone Booth!


This is Link. It seems as though he was caught in a storm and washed up on Koholint Island. It is said that you'll never be able to get out of the island once you've entered, but maybe you can help Link make it off the island…


This is Marin, who helped Link on the beach. She is full of vitality, and the village is always filled with her singing songs.


A mysterious owl that knows how to talk resides in this island. It seems to know so much about this island. Make sure to listen to what it says.

Ah, we could sit and look at pics like this all day, but we'd never get any work done. It's going to be a nightmare come September when the game actually releases! Are you an old hand or completely new to the world of Link's Awakening? Let us know with a comment below.