Back in January, we reported on Fishing Star: World Tour's release in Japan - a game which, as well as being its own, standalone title, supports Nintendo's very own Labo fishing rod Toy-Con. Now, a western release has been confirmed - you'll be able to catch it this September.

You can see the various control methods available in the trailer above; as well as the Nintendo Labo fishing rod, you can use your Joy-Con or Pro Controller to reel in your catches. We've got an official description of the game for you below.

In Fishing Star World Tour, players will be able to catch over 180 kinds of fish across 40 different scenic locations from around the world, all the while completing objectives and tracking different species of fish within the game’s “Fish Book”.

Players can customize several parts of their fishing gear, including their Lure, Reel, and Rod, each of which has its own stats that can improve your performance. Each time a fish is caught, the Fish Book makes a note of the gear that was used as well as the location of the catch. This information can be extremely helpful, especially when attempting to hook a Boss Fish!

The game's being published by Aksys Games and will launch on 26th September for $29.99.

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