Fishing Star World Tour

At the start of this year, Fishing Star: World Tour was released on the Switch eShop across all-regions.

If you've been holding out for a physical release, you're in luck. Aksys Games will be releasing a hard copy later this year in both North America and Europe. The game will be priced at $29.99 in the US. This information was revealed at Anime Expo 2019 by the developer, WFS.

Here's a bit about the game, courtesy of the Nintendo website:

The game includes more than 180 kinds of fish to catch, 40 different locations and more than 70 types of gear. If you want to catch "a big one" you'll need to change your equipment to match the fish and the setting.

Over 180 kinds of fish! More than 70 types of fishing gear! 40 fishing locations! Explore various locations and see a lot of fish!

Catch a big one by changing your equipment to match the fish and setting! Fish that are caught are recorded in the “Fish Book”. Become an angling master!

Choose a play-style that suits you! Move the Joy-Con to reel in fish like a real angler or simply use the stick on the Joy-Con to catch fish!

Play a trolling mini-game using the Toy-Con Fishing Rod! Aim for big fish while aboard a speeding vessel!

Will you be picking this up on release? Have you tried out the digital version? Leave a comment below.

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