Smartphone firm GREE's first console release is just around the corner with Fishing Star: World Tour heading to Switch later this month. Excitingly, it has been revealed that your Nintendo Labo Fishing Rod Toy-Con will be compatible with the game.

The news comes from this week's Famitsu magazine in Japan, with a product listing now also appearing on the Japanese Switch eShop. This Switch edition, which is based on the original smartphone version of the same game, reportedly comes with "vastly revamped systems with in-depth fishing", more than 180 types of fish, and more than 70 different fishing tools.

It's not just in-game tools that you can use, though, with Nintendo's very own Labo fishing rod listed as a compatible controller option.

The game launches for Nintendo Switch in Japan on 31st January for 2,680 yen; no western release has been confirmed just yet but the Japanese version of the game does support English. If you want to try it out for yourself, you could always set up a Japanese eShop account and download it to your machine.

Have you been itching for more reasons to use your Nintendo Labo kits? Would you like to see more games make use of them going forward? Tell us below.