Tired of politics invading every waking moment with its droning idiocy and vexing portmaneaus? Best click away to look at some new Joy-Con colours or find out the release date of Luigi's Mansion 3, then. Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition is a British deep dive into a Black Mirror-esque dystopian future (minus the cool tech stuff) and it's coming to Switch soon.

Taking a particularly bleak view of the post-Brexit future, a far-right extremist government has exiled all citizens of European heritage (themselves excluded, presumably) and, taking up a job as a bouncer, it's up to you to survive as best you can in the land that was once green and, indeed, pleasant. The Switch edition of PanicBarn's game will include the brand new One Love DLC.

Looking like a nightmarish mixture of a Lucasarts adventure game and Papers Please, the pixel aesthetic of the above trailer certainly looks pretty, as do these screenshots:

The game released to generally positive reviews on PC back in August 2018 and the Switch version will be the first offering from publisher No More Robots on Nintendo's system, scheduled to arrive 'within the next few months'. Assuming we're all still here by then and we're not living the game, this may well be worth checking out.

Prefer it when video games stick to good ol' running and jumping? Have you played this on PC? Let us know how you got on with it below.