Digimon Survive

Nintendo fans might be more familiar with pocket monsters, but digital monsters have also been quite popular in certain parts of the world for many years now. To be more precise, we're talking about the Digimon series.

These video games started out life exclusively on the PlayStation in 1999 and eventually became accessible on more systems as time passed. The Nintendo DS, in particular, got a handful of Digimon titles and this year the Switch will receive the strategy RPG, Digimon Survive.

To help promote the upcoming release of this title and the 20th anniversary of the Digimon series, Bandai Namco has uploaded a 15-minute developer diary to its official YouTube channel. It features the producers, Habu Kazumasa and Tsuzuki Katsuaki of the new game, reflecting on series and talking about how they're applying all of their previous knowledge to the latest entry.

What's your history with the Digimon game series? Are you interested in playing Digimon Survive on the Switch? Tell us below.

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