Bandai Namco is releasing a brand new Pac-Man figurine this week, available to pre-order as we speak. If you like to decorate your house with quirky, artistic pieces, perhaps this would be something to consider?

The sculpture has been designed by Richard Orlinski, a French contemporary artist whose art can be found in more than 90 galleries across the world. We must say, we initially thought that this actually was from a gallery rather than something you can buy, but it's officially being released as a purchasable product this Friday.

As you can see, Pac-Man is available in his usual yellow colouring, but you can also get it in black which is an interesting choice.

Designed by: Richard Orlinski
MATERIAL: resin / glossy finish

If you just so happen to have fallen in love with the figure, you can pick up either colour from Bandai Namco's store for £125. It's pricey, but then again it does look like it'd be a pretty expensive piece - our lack of knowledge on art is showing horribly, isn't it?

Do you like the piece? It's certainly a different take to the usual plush toys and amiibo we end up collecting. Share your thoughts with us below.