Hollow Knight: Silksong looks set to be yet another wonderful Metroidvania headed to Nintendo Switch. It certainly seems that fans of the original Hollow Knight will be right at home here, with the recent Nintendo Treehouse demo (below) making us want to jump right back in, and the developers have now shared a few more details.

The info comes from a new blog post shared by Team Cherry, which explores some gameplay elements that haven't been thoroughly discussed before. First up is a brand new area called Greymoor, which the team says is "one of the biggest" they've ever created.

As Hornet ascends from the foundations of Pharloom towards the citadel at its crest, she may pass through the wasted caverns of Greymoor. The misted fields and dilapidated towers are now infested with Crawbugs, devious nesting types, and the former tenders of the land have become haunted. In the pens at this land’s height, keepers wrangle swarms of Dustroaches, rapid-breeding pests with insatiable appetites.


Elsewhere, it has been confirmed that playable character Hornet will be able to heal just like the Knight in the original game, but that it will work in a very different way. When you're carrying enough silk, you'll be able to use 'Hornet's Bind' to heal up much quicker than ever before, heal three masks at a time, and even while in the air, but doing so will consume all of Hornet's starting pool of silk. "It's all or nothing", Team Cherry says.

Where the Knight would leave a Shade when dying in the original game, Hornet leaves a cocoon. The cocoon holds a full stock of silk, so it's advised that players should only break it open when most needed. The map system appears to be almost identical to the original, however, with charts, compasses and other tools being given to you by a friendly NPC going by the name of Shakra.

You can read the full blog here if you're interested, but one extra little tidbit of information shows that Hornet will be able to speak. Team Cherry says that "though she isn’t the type to speak at length, Hornet’s not afraid to engage in conversation where necessary" and that this addition has been "a profound change" for the sequel.

In terms of a release date, the developer says that it'll arrive "when it’s ready," and "when it matches the quality and scale of Hollow Knight". An announcement for such a date will come when the team is "100% certain" they can make it, rather than chancing a delay later down the line.

It's all sounding rather lovely to us. Are you excited for this one?

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