You know your console is hot stuff when it's making its way into the storylines of the sports entertainment world, and that's precisely what has happened with the Switch.

Nintendo latest system – despite missing out on any WWE video game action in 2018 – has found itself embroiled in a heated feud between WWE stars Ember Moon and Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. (We hope those names mean something to you, because we're typing this wondering when The Honky Tonk Man and Jake "The Snake" Roberts are going to show up.)

Turns out Ember heartlessly tore up a magazine some time ago, and as revenge, Sonya ruthlessly swatted her Switch to the floor live on camera. Gasp, right? Listen guys, Coronation Street ain't got nothin' on the WWE.

It would seem the broken Switch is providing the motivation for Ember to escalate her feud with Sonya and Mandy, and you know what that means – a lot more scripted backstage conversations followed by scripted in-ring conversations (punctuated by commercials) leading up to a good, old-fashioned wrasslin' match. Heck, that's how humankind has been solving its differences for centuries, so why stop now?