While we're sure there are plenty of you reading this who would love to see a juicy F-Zero reveal or two during tomorrow's Nintendo E3 Direct, chances are you might have to settle for this little slice of retro news instead.

One of our lovely readers has brought this long-lost F-Zero webcomic to our attention. Previously available at www.fzerox.com (which now just redirects to Nintendo's main site), the website was said to be constructed in comic strip style, telling the story behind F-Zero's races. Sadly, as the site is no longer accessible and there doesn't seem to be any trace of the comic left online, all we have to go on is this N64 Magazine article below.

The article tells readers to visit both the F-Zero site and a less-flashy Zelda site, and gives us a quick glimpse at just some of the comic pages.

A magazine talks about the F-Zero website
A magazine talks about the F-Zero website

A few months ago, Reddit user Siontix shared everything they knew about this comic. They believe it was created by Nintendo of America in around 1998, with the website running on Flash (hence why it is now impossible to track down any of its pages). They say that the site "featured a 'Comic Cantina' where you could view a weekly webcomic involving the F-Zero Academy run by Super Arrow".

Siontix goes on to explain that the magazine page shown above is the only remaining trace of the comic that they could find, too. Interestingly, all of the people they asked about the comic could only remember the pages shown above, if any, prompting the thought that it might not have ever been posted weekly at all. Perhaps it never made it to (online) print, despite the adverts going out in the magazine?

Do you have any memory of this webcomic? Maybe someone out there can help to shed some more light on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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