If you prefer your puzzle experiences to be mixed with some platforming action, the momentum and physics-based puzzle platformer Deleveled might be worth keeping an eye on. The game launches on the Switch eShop this Autumn for $9.99 and is from The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild – previously responsible for The Bridge, Tumblestone and Almost There: The Platformer.

In Deleveled, you control two characters simultaneously who fall in opposite directions. One falls down, while the other falls upwards. Neither can actually jump, but both can exchange momentum through solid objects. The requirement is to use your characters to flip switches in order to exit each level. All up, you'll work your through ten worlds and experience more than 100 levels. Each area is filled with secrets and there are even bonus levels to explore. This is supported by a chiptune soundtrack, with each world uniquely scored.

Tell us below if you would be interested in trying out this puzzle platformer when it is eventually released.