Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Nintendo Switch

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (505 Games, Tue 25th June, $39.99) Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a gothic horror-action side-scrolling RPG set in 18th century England. A paranormal force has summoned a demon-infested castle, revealing crystal shards infused with tremendous magical power.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (Activision, Fri 21st June, $39.99) Crash is back in the driver’s seat! Get ready to go fur-throttle with Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It’s the authentic CTR experience plus a whole lot more, now fully-remastered and revved up to the max.

Super Neptunia RPG (Idea Factory, Tue 25th June, $49.00) The self-proclaimed hero, Neptune, awakes in a familiar world, but has no recollection of anything other than her name. With the help of a mysterious girl named Chrome, as well as three other familiar faces beloved in the Neptunia series, Neptune embarks on a journey through the mysterious dimension to try to regain her memory. Read our Super Neptunia RPG review.

Switch eShop

My Friend Pedro (Devolver Digital, Today, $19.99) My Friend Pedro is a violent ballet about friendship, imagination, and one man’s struggle to obliterate anyone in his path at the behest of a sentient banana. The strategic use of split aiming, slow motion, and the ol’ stylish window breach create one sensational action sequence after another in an explosive battle through the violent underworld.

Arcade Archives POOYAN (HAMSTER, Thu 13th June, $7.99) POOYAN is a shooting game released by KONAMI in 1982. One day in the woods, Mama Pig takes up a bow and arrow to save her POOYAN (her kidnapped children) from the wolves. Use the bow and arrow to pop the balloons the wolves are riding down on. Throw meat (the wolves' favorite) to take down multiple wolves for a bonus score!

Azuran Tales: TRIALS (Tiny Trinket Games, Mon 24th June, $12.99) Armies of undead, flying sharks and the price of immortality. Azuran Tales: Trials is a brutal platformer with RPG elements, challenging combat and merciless enemies. Journey across the World of Azuran as you discover its beautiful levels, expansive lore and unravel the mystery of Magrath.

Blade II - The Return Of Evil (ACTION SQUARE CO., LTD, Wed 19th June, $25.00) Brace yourself for the ultimate action! The shadow of evil looms over the peaceful realm of Elysium once more. The Destiny of Light calls upon you to become the savior of Elysium. Play your role as Gladiator, Assassin, Wizard, and Fighter to avenge the innocent and bring an end to the tragedy for good.

Boxing Champs (Raz Games, Today, $14.50) More than just a boxing game, Boxing Champs mixes fast and fun top down arcade graphics and animations and mixes it with simulated game-play to give the real feel of boxing. Feel every punch with full punch control using the Right Stick. Start swinging away and challenge friends in multiplayer, or make history by moving up the ranks in career mode to become the undisputed world champion.

Captain Cat (Hidden Trap, Fri 21st June, $6.99) Captain Cat travels the seven seas in his boat, using his anchor as a hook to fish for the delights and treasures hiding at the bottom of the sea. But navigating the depths of unknown waters is never easy, there are many mysterious dangers to face along the way. Can Captain Cat overcome them to catch enough fish to satisfy his hunger?

Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior (Ratalaika Games, Fri 21st June, $4.99) Drawing inspiration from old school platformers, Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior is an arcade title with some beat ‘em up gameplay qualities. Across four levels, players must take control of Cybarian, a warrior who discovers the Sword of Ages and gets transported to a cyberpunk future.

Deer Drive Legends (Maximum Games, Fri 14th June, $19.99) Show those bucks what you’re made of. Take out the biggest and most vicious animals of the wild in this high caliber action fest! But be careful, or dangerous animals like grizzly bears and moose will be taking YOU out!

Duke of Defense (Hitcents, Today, $14.99) STORY Duke of Defense is a playful action-based tower defense game brimming with ample humor, cheeky villagers, egotistical wizards, and jaunty adventure. Build, roll, and slash your way through waves upon waves of goblins, ogres, golems, and more!

Forest Home (NextGen Reality, Today, $14.99) Draw colorful paths that grow right beneath your finger to lead the forest critters to safety. Avoid obstacles, navigate bridges, and collect food in this cute & challenging puzzler. Just watch out for the mischievous goblin!

Mainlining (Merge Games, Today, $14.99) Mainlining is a thrilling point and click hacking adventure that mixes dark and dry humour with a gripping narrative that will have you hooked from the very first case.

Miner Warfare (Heartbit, Fri 21st June, $7.99) Are you ready for this 8 player local multiplayer bonanza? Miner Warfare is a frantic 2D multiplayer arcade game. Up to 8 miners have to dig their way through dirt blocks and other miners' face to be the wealthiest gold digger at the end of the match!

Muse Dash (X.D. Network, Today, $29.99) Come and fix the world score tampered with by the mirror code with three heroines! This is a world of the perfect combination of a traditional music game and a cool parkour game - Muse Dash!

Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn (Today, $14.99) Eliana has always been a child of mystery. Found on the doorstep of the prestigious Zora Academy of Alchemy, she became a very promising young student by the age of 16. In order to complete her training, she is being sent on a dangerous mission to retrieve a powerful artifact.

Rolling Gunner (mebius., Today, $19.99) With its reliance on BAC, humanity had forgotten how to operate even basic transportation, let alone weapons. After the attacks from BAC and the subsequent social chaos, the human population was reduced by half.

Scrap (Ultimate Games, Fri 21st June, $4.99) Jump faster and learn new sequences to discover the way forward. But it's not gonna be easy, since each level is harder than the previous one and SCRAP keeps getting faster.

Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis (Koch Media, Today, $14.99) Nina and Max return in the follow-up of the Secret Files hit-series.

Slender: The Arrival (Blue Isle Studios, Today, $9.99) You're on your own. No one to come for you. No one to help you. No one to hear you scream. Slender: The Arrival is the official video game adaptation of Slender Man, re-created from Mark Hadley's original nerve-shattering sensation. Developed by Blue Isle Studios, The Arrival features a brand new storyline, improved visuals, great replay value, and most importantly, survival horror at its best.

The Childs Sight (Forever Entertainment, Today, $4.49) Slowly unraveling the story of what happened to you, while lying in the crib unaware and innocent. With every minute as you explore you will remember more. Horrors will become real and clear. Was it just fear of the unknown that haunts you or is it more?

We. The Revolution (Klabater, Tue 25th June, $19.99) We. The Revolution is a unique game with a singular art style set in the blood-soaked and paranoid world of the French Revolution, where often you could not tell a friend from an enemy.

ZOMB (Sabec, Fri 21st June, $9.99) ZOMB is a first-person shooter game where the player must survive and save the World from Zombies. ZOMB is single player campaign game that will test your combat skills to the limit.


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