The above reveal trailer for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 dropped in the middle of Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct presentation. While it didn't tell us much that we didn't expect, it gives us a nice look at the characters and the events they'll be participating in when the official Tokyo Olympics tie-in launches this November.

The sports that we saw include track, football (or soccer, if you prefer), surfing, skateboarding, martial arts, hurdles, climbing, boxing, equestrian, jalevin, swimming, football (American), fencing, kayaking, badminton,and gymnastics. You can compete locally with three other friends or take the competition online against seven others.

All-in-all, some interesting events, although the most eye-catching thing of all was arguably the photo finish below:

As you can see, the photo finish cuts to a shot showing retro 8/16-bit versions of the characters from their original games. How much this is part of the game is a mystery at the moment, but it certainly caught our attention for the split second it was on screen. We'd love if this turned out to be its own retro mode.

Overall, the game looks like a pretty fun blast of sportsmanlike competition with some of gaming's best-loved characters. You've got to feel for Sonic, though. Not only does he get second billing, but can you imagine the humiliation for someone as achingly 'cool' as him when he's beaten on the track not only by arch nemesis Dr. Robotnik, but also a portly Italian gentleman? He's the fastest thing alive! Why's he even there? And come to think of it, why's he using a kart in Team Sonic Racing? They haven't thought this through, have they...

Have you played the previous Mario and Sonic games? Do you like the look of this one. Let us know below.