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The upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield have the series' fanbase in an uproar at the moment after it was revealed that the games wouldn't feature every single monster. We've already spoken about the topic at length should you wish to join the discussion, but wherever you stand on the matter, the whole fiasco has resulted in a rather interesting fan-made poll.

Reddit user, mamamia1001, recently shared a survey which allowed anyone visiting to vote for their favourite Pokémon. The idea was to find out whether or not "every Pokémon is someone's favourite" - a line which has been thrown around Twitter by upset fans like an annoyingly persistent frisbee over the past few weeks, all in response to the new games' missing Pokémon.

A whopping 52,725 people cast their votes, averaging out at 65 per Pokémon. Four monsters sadly didn't receive any votes at all - although considering there were 809 different ones to choose from, it does go to show that the majority really do have a dedicated fan or two out there. Of course, with an even wider pool of voters, we're sure that each and every Pokémon would have received a vote eventually.

So, let's take a look at some of the more interesting results. First up, the top 20 most popular Pokémon from the survey:

Pokémon Number of votes Rank
Charizard 1107 1
Gengar 1056 2
Arcanine 923 3
Bulbasaur 710 4
Blaziken 613 5
Umbreon 607 6
Lucario 604 7
Gardevoir 585 8
Eevee 581 9
Dragonite 551 10
Absol 542 11
Typhlosion 534 12
Ampharos 529 13
Squirtle 523 14
Flygon 510 15
Ninetales 471 16
Tyranitar 451 17
Infernape 443 18
Snorlax 433 19
Torterra 430 20

Next up, the number of votes by generation. Those first 151 really are a huge deal to so many fans of the series.

Number of votes by generation Generation Average per gen
18289 1 121.1
9115 2 91.2
9469 3 70.1
7531 4 70.4
4391 5 28.1
2154 6 29.9
1776 7 20.2

And finally, the poor four who didn't get a vote.

Pokémon with no votes

If you want to see the full results (right from first place to 809th) you can do so right here. The information is presented in a document which shows all sorts of data based on the results.

Who would you have voted for? Are you surprised by any of the Pokémon listed here? We're surprised but incredibly happy to see the tremendously joyful Ampharos sitting in 13th place.

[source reddit.com, via nintendosoup.com]