Freshly announced as the debut title from Shockwork Games, Alder's Blood is a turn-based tactical game with a large dose of stealth and strategy. It's set in a grim world that has come to the End Times with monsters attacking humanity and taking it to the brink of extinction.

The only remaining hope against these fiends are The Hunters, trained killers who eat hell creatures for breakfast. Working with a party of hunters, you'll have to monitor wind direction and sneak up on the monsters if you want to survive, working together with 'specialised gear' and 'dark arts' to triumph over the forces of darkness and its assorted gribblies.

The above trailer (labelled as coming to Steam in the video, although definitely confirmed for Switch) gives you an idea of what to expect. X-COM is the obvious go-to comparison and the monsters and darkness of the trailer brought to mind flickers of Netflix's animated Castlevania series, too.

Here are a selection of the main features highlighted in the official blurb:

Stealth, ambush-based combat. Try to outsmart and outwit all the horrifying creatures you’ll be facing, as they are way stronger, and you don’t stand a chance in a direct assault;
Diverse, challenging opponents. From werewolves to vampires, all monsters have their unique attacks and skills and can easily see, hear, or smell you from a distance. So be careful not to reveal your position too early;
Stamina-based characters. Cautiously manage your energy level between attacking, moving and casting spells. In the end you’re only a human and running out of energy will be a big setback for you and the Hunters;
A grim world plunged into half-darkness. The corrupt god’s presence can change the intensity of the battlefield: through summoning monsters, changing the weather, or even transforming one of the creatures into a powerful avatar of his will;
A vagabond’s exploration system. Travel the world, bringing your mobile base along with you. Take shelter in and manage your camp, but be wary of enemy ambushes;
A unique fusion of dark Victorian fantasy and the Wild West. Immerse yourself in a world so different from the one you know – a universe shaped by struggle, where mankind has not had the freedom to develop or advance any of its technology.

We quite like the art style and we're fans of strategy and/or tactics games, so this'll be one to keep and eye on. It's scheduled to launch in 'Q3/Q4 2019' and might be a sombre alternative to the more colourful fare hitting Switch later in the year.

How does Alder's Blood tickle your fancy? Switch has got a good selection of tactics games - how does this compare on first impression? Let us know below.