What would gaming be like right now if the insanely popular title Fortnite didn't exist? It's obviously something we'll never know, but if the former Epic Games production director Rod Fergusson had got his way, we might have found out.

In a recent interview on the Game Informer Show podcast at E3 2019, Fergusson – who is now the head at The Coalition (the developer behind the Gears of War series) – explained how he "tried to cancel" Fortnite before he departed Epic and revealed the game didn't pass his own standards.

If I stayed at Epic, I would have canceled Fortnite. Before I left, I tried to cancel Fortnite. When it was Save the World, that was a project that had some challenges.

As the director of production at the time, that game would not have passed my bar for something we should have continued to keep going.

Fergusson claims to have not lost any sleep over the game's success and also reassured Game Informer he was "super happy" for Epic.

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