Prepare yourselves, doods - Nippon Ichi has announced that Disgaea 4 Complete+ is coming to Switch this autumn with the above trailer.

This updated version of the original strategy RPG game not only brings the same idiosyncratic characters and world to Switch, but it's also getting post-launch social features that are implied to enable you to share your custom maps. Details aren't too solid in that department, although publishers NIS America confirm that everything that ever came to the 2011 PS3 original will be in this new version, too, including over 30 unlockable characters, extra story campaigns and 'modern flourishes'. Fancy!

Already up for pre-order are the following two packs: The HL-Raising Edition and the more modestly named 'A Promise of Sardines'. Check them out below:

D4c Nsw Le
D4c Nsw Se

We've had Disgaea 1 Complete and Disgaea 5 Complete, so there's only two more entries after this in need of the 'Complete' treatment. We enjoyed the previous entries, so we'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

Played this one already on PS3 or Vita? Think you'll have enough fuel in the tank for an SRPG after Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Let us know below.