If you watched the Pokémon anime growing up, you're probably scarily familiar with the 'Who's That Pokémon?' game which would play in ad breaks. The aim of the game is simple: guess which Pokémon is represented by the silhouette on screen.

The folks over at IGN decided to play the game with the cast of the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie, giving us a great chance to see just how strong their Pokémon knowledge really is. Above, you'll see Ryan Reynolds (Pikachu), Kathryn Newton (Lucy Stevens), Marie Litoyo (Lucy, Japanese dub), Rob Letterman, (Director), Ryoma Takeuchi (Tim, Japanese dub), and Justice Smith (Tim Goodman) all taking part with varying degrees of success.

It's a shame they didn't use the opportunity to pull out the classic 'Jigglypuff seen from above' image, but we guess you can't have everything in life. Oh, and spoilers: they all know who Pikachu is.

If you're not too emotionally affected by Clefairy's apparent lack of popularity, make sure to leave a comment below letting us know if you plan to see the film this weekend.

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