No More Heroes

Remember earlier this month we heard how Goichi 'Suda51' Suda would be appearing on a panel at MomoCon 2019 to make a special announcement? Well, it turns out the Switch title Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be making its way across to the PlayStation 4 and PC. No release date has been provided and it's unknown if these versions will include the existing DLC.

Apart from this, Suda also teased he would "maybe" have an announcement to share at E3 in June. Back in March, he was asked by Siliconera about the ending of Travis Strikes Again and he replied by saying he hoped to have "something cool to announce" around the time of this year's E3 Expo. Fingers crossed it's a third entry in the mainline series. We would also be open to remasters of the original games.

How do you feel about Travis Strikes Again no longer being an exclusive to Switch? Are you looking forward to a possible announcement at E3? Tell us down below.