With a series as large and wonderful as Mario Kart, it can be tricky to pin down a favourite. If we had to, we'd probably go with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - don't worry, we still love the others - mostly thanks to the fact that the series now seems to have reached a point where everything is so close to perfect. We just don't get tired of it.

The one negative aspect of Mario Kart reaching such a state is that we honestly can't see where the series will go next. Each instalment has brought something new to the table, changing things either subtly or significantly and - for the most part - improving things across the board. If we're going to receive a theoretical 'Mario Kart 9' on Switch in a few years' time, what would be different?

Well, these videos from YouTube user AtlasOmegaAlpha have us dreaming of one particular feature which could open things up in a huge new way. The videos present custom modded tracks, taking the game we know and love and sprucing it up with new locations and even some new UI elements. Check them out for yourself:

Now imagine if Nintendo added a feature to create your own Mario Kart tracks using in-game models and customisation tools. You could share them online, race on them with your friends (if Nintendo's online support is sorted out by then), and maybe even set your own challenges for visitors to achieve while racing around your creation.

It might sound a little too dreamy, but would you ever have believed that Super Mario Maker was a real possibility before it was announced? We're not development experts and have no idea how tricky it would be to create a 'Super Mario Kart Maker', but wow do we want one if it's possible.

If you're reading this, Nintendo, feel free to take our idea and run with it. Just pop our name in the credits and send us a copy when it's done!