Devil May Cry

Capcom has confirmed over on Twitter that the original chapter of the long-running Devil May Cry series will arrive on the Switch this Summer. This marks the first time Dante's game will be made available on a Nintendo platform. But is Capcom playing it slightly too safe by just bringing the original outing instead of the whole PlayStation 2 trilogy to the system? Further details (like the price point), will no doubt be revealed in time.

Interestingly, this announcement follows on from comments made by the director (Hideaki Itsuno) and producer (Matt Walker) of the fifth game in the series, back in February, when they said they would "love" to play this franchise on Switch. In a separate interview, Itsuno even mentioned how the fifth entry would be considered for Nintendo's hybrid device if Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen sold well enough. For now, though, let's just enjoy the fact the first entry in this divine series is coming to Switch.

Are you a fan of Dante's hack, slash and shooting adventures? We're looking forward to hearing your 'Dante for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate confirmed!' theories in the comment section below.