Almost every day, we see waves of online users replying to game reveals with something along the lines of "yeah, but is it coming to Switch", desperate for another game on their platform of choice. Isn't it about time we started asking new questions instead of simply port-begging for more games on Nintendo's newest machine? How about, "yeah, but is it coming to NES" instead? Much better.

That's right, Soko Banana is a new game currently in development for the trusty Nintendo Entertainment System - a console which was discontinued almost 25 years ago. The game is a puzzler said to "bring hours of fun and challenge" as you make your way through dozens of levels. You visit banana warehouses on different islands, aiming to get all the banana crates to the exit using the environment to your advantage. Traps and enemies are also there to hinder your progress.

We've got a feature list for you below.

A brand new game for the NES, playable on real hardware
- Fun and challenging gameplay mechanics
- 4 different islands - each one will have its own distinct feel, with unique graphics, music and environments
- 10 regular and 2 bonus levels for each island (for a total of 48+ levels)
- A bonus island

The team behind the game are generating funds on Kickstarter as we speak, aiming to make around £4,000. Anyone backing 300 SEK (approx. £24) or higher will receive a physical NES cartridge, with tiers below that getting a digital copy instead.


The project has already generated more than half of the total it's hoping to raise with 20 days still to go. If you're interested in learning more or pledging your support, make sure to head over to the Kickstarter page here.

Before you go, though, make sure to leave us a comment letting us know what you think? Do you like the sound of picking up a brand new NES game in 2019?