Season Of The Witch!

Great news for shoot 'em up aficionado as Beep has officially confirmed it is working on a brand new Cotton franchise reboot – heading to multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch. While there isn't much information about this new entry at the moment, the company has revealed it will be based on the X68000 Japanese computer home conversion of the first game in the series, Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams.

For those unfamiliar with the Success-developed series, it consists of horizontal shmups (with the exception of the technically impressive Sega Mega Drive outing, Panorama Cotton) and has the player controlling a titular witch named Cotton and her fairy companion Silk, while navigating colourful yet increasingly difficult levels that usually end with huge boss fights.

Are you a fan of the Cotton series? Are you looking forward to once again taking control of Cotton and mowing down wave after wave of cute enemies with your lethal magic? Cast your incantations in the comments section below.

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