Nintendo Switch Online Characters

Update: We have now passed the 60-day period that Twitch Prime members needed to wait to redeem the further nine months of free subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. Assuming you jumped on the offer close to launch and snapped up the initial three months, you should be able to claim the second part either now, or soon (depending on when you signed up, of course - we just checked and it says we're eligible to claim it in 10 hours).

If you missed out on this offer, don't worry - you still have until 24th September to claim the first three months. You'll just have to set a reminder on the calendar to claim the second batch after 60 days.

Original: Twitch and Nintendo have teamed up to offer Twitch Prime members a one-year subscription to the Switch Online service.

From today onwards, Prime members can claim three free months of NSO when visiting the Twitch Amazon website. After 60 days, members can return to claim an additional nine months, for a total of 12 months. If you've already got an NSO subscription, there's no need to worry as additional months can be added on.

Twitch Prime members have until 24th September 2019 to claim three free months of NSO and until 22nd January 2020 to claim the nine additional months. If you have any more questions, take a look at the FAQ.

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