Ryan Renolds

If you're already tired of hearing about the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie, then why not grab your closest marker pen and start drawing some dots on your face, in an attempt to transform yourself into Detective Pikachu.

In his latest YouTube upload, Ryan Reynolds – the voice of Detective Pikachu – has revealed how he gets ready to play as the electric rodent on a regular basis. All that's required is a black stencil and Oscar-winning visual effects company Escape Velocity Content to render the final product with multi-million dollar technology.

See for yourself below:

Even though he admittedly didn't know much about Pokémon when he was first approached for the role, it's evident from all this marketing just how eager Reynolds is to ensure this movie is as successful as possible. If you want to see more Detective Pikachu promotional trailers, be sure to check out the actor's official YouTube channel for another five clips.

The movie is due out in the US and UK on 10th May. You can also read some early impressions from the Tokyo press screening in our previous post.

Production Credits:
Director / DP Bryan Rowland
Producer Alec Eskander
Production Company: Escape Velocity Content


Founded in 2016 by award-winning producer Alec Eskander, Escape Velocity Content (EVC) is a full-service film, commercial, digital and content production company based in Southern California. Recent projects include working alongside Aviation Gin, Mazda, RAM, 22squared, Publix, and AdventHealth. The company also specializes in post-production services including: in house and partnered editors, colorists, VFX teams, artists, and animators. EVC’s robust roster of talented and visionary directors have taken dozens of projects from start to finish in all aspects of creative execution, over the years. EVC takes pride in providing the highest level of modern filmmaking and digital content creation, with an end goal to go beyond the client and viewer’s visual and narrative expectations, every single time.

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