Like many other video game companies, Nintendo does not tolerate piracy. Over the past year, we have heard about the Japanese publisher and developer taking action against individuals selling modified systems and sharing ROMS online. This has resulted in a number of legal battles and some hefty fines.

As part of its measures to prevent piracy, a long time ago, Nintendo set up an "anti-piracy" website –allowing viewers to report, detect and learn about internet piracy. Now, Twitter user @AkfamilyhomeAK has discovered it has been shut down, redirecting browsers to the modern Nintendo site. According to The Internet Archive, the anti-piracy site was last active on 18th February 2019. The earliest archived image dates back to 2002 and the page got redesigned in 2008, with copyright covering 1997-2008.

Nintendo Anti-Piracy
Image: The Internet Archive

Following this discovery, some replies on Twitter suggested Nintendo had officially won the battle against piracy, while others joked the company had "finally given up" on the fight. Realistically, though, it was an old website and one that probably should have been closed a long time ago. We're sure the legal section on Nintendo's modern site is more than enough.

Are you sad to see such an old Nintendo webpage go? Will you miss angry Mario? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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