Everyone found ways to celebrate the Game Boy's 30th anniversary (we certainly contributed our share) but toruzz's effort certainly went above and beyond.

Nintendo never gave us an updated 'DX' edition of their first Mario outing on the Game Boy, but if it did, it might just look a bit like this.

Sarasaland never looked this vibrant before. Toruzz even put an extra effort into this hack by redesigning sprites for both Mario and Daisy, adding more detail to the originals in the process.

Yet nostalgia is a powerful force and as such, the sprite facelift has been tearing Super Mario Land fans apart. While some applaud the effort, others claim that the disproportion in size of the new Mario sprite ruins the experience.

However, everyone agrees that this is a stellar effort on the colouring side of the hack. It is not like we really need any excuse to fire up Super Mario Land and shoot up Tatanga from time to time, but this is most certainly a really great one.

Would you have bought Super Mario Land DX if Nintendo had released it along with the Game Boy Color? What other Game Boy classics would you love to see get a 'DX' treatment? The comments section is yours to paint.

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