New Nintendo Switch DS

Shmup enthusiasts will no doubt remember the Flip Grip – a vertical grip accessory designed for the Switch and launched on Kickstarter in June last year. The product made TATE-enabled games an absolute joy to play. At the end of last month, the engineer behind this creation – Mike "Mechachoi" Choi – also came up with a more "useless" creation, as he put it, allowing Switch owners to connect two systems together.

Now, a few weeks later, he's invented the "New Nintendo Switch DS", combining together two Switch units to create something that looks like it could be a bulky successor to the 3DS. If the name didn't already give it away, this is nothing more than a creative concept. See for yourself in Mike's video demonstration featuring The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

If you haven't seen Mike's more serious work before, be sure to check out our hardware review of the Flip Grip. For just $12, it's an effortless recommendation for shmup fans.

What do you think of the New Nintendo Switch DS? Do you like this idea? Would you like to see Nintendo continue on with dual screen gaming in the future? Have you tried out the Flip Grip before? Tell us below.