A physical Nintendo Switch release of last year's Everspace - Stellar Edition is "definitely happening", developer and publisher Rockfish Games has confirmed.

The news comes from the studio's Twitter account, where it has posted the oddly satisfying image of Everspace Switch carts in what appears to be a glorified egg box. There's no news of a release date for this just yet, but we imagine the physical collectors among us will be ready and waiting for it as soon as it hits store shelves.

If you're not up to speed with this roguelike slice of solitary space combat, check out this little snippet from our full review (where we awarded the game an 8/10).

With gratifying space combat, an addictive ‘rogue-lite’ core loop and even some light, entertaining writing along the way, it performs admirably – if not flawlessly – on Nintendo’s console. Overall, we had a hell of a time with it and this port does a cracking job of preserving the full experience on a handheld. If any of this sounds remotely enticing, we’d heartily recommend investigation.

Have you already bought this one digitally? Might a physical release be enough to persuade you to give it a go? Reveal all in the comments below.

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