If you've been to this site before, you'll probably know or at least have a rough inkling that we cover a lot of games here; it's slightly our whole entire thing. But whilst we look at so many games it can often be all to easy to forget that behind each game we look at there's a team of revoltingly talented individuals who have made this creation come to life.

That's why when Thunderful, Image & Form, and Zoink all asked us if we wanted to visit their gigantic shared office in Gothenburg, Sweden, we thought that sounded like a pretty damned lovely prospect. We chatted to the staff, had a look at some games from the past, present, and possibly even another period of time that may not yet have happened. Give the little video play button a tickle up above and see for yourself.

Enormous thanks to everyone Thunderful, Zoink, and Image & Form, we all owe you a less expensive beer Blighty-side.