If you're anything like us, and therefore someone who struggles to make sensible purchasing decisions when it comes to cool gaming merch, you probably want to look away now.

Joining the Pokémon Fit line of plush toys, which already contains all 151 original Generation 1 Pokémon, is this new set featuring every single Pokémon from the Johto region - right from Chikorita to Celebi and everything in between (including every single Unown variant, no less).

The entire set is currently available to pre-order at Sunyshore (a site which purchases official Pokémon merch from the Pokémon Center in Japan and ships it across the world) with each toy being available for $20. We did the maths, and a complete set would cost you $2540. Paying your rent isn't that important anyway, right?

If you're interested in picking them up, you can buy any Pokémon from numbers 152 to 201 here, and any from 202 to 251 here. Sunyshore states that the toys will release on 8th June. The original 151 also eventually found their way to Amazon Japan, so it might be worth keeping an eye out on there nearer to the release date for any more deals.

Let us know if you'll be grabbing any of these in the comments below, and please provide us with any advice which might help us here at Nintendo Life to not spend every single penny we have on a complete set. Imagine how amazing the office would look...

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